Vworker – Keep Up The Good Work

Posted by - Admin / June 15th, 2010

I have been trying to freelance for 4 months now in writing, editing, and virtual assistance. I have looked into all kinds of freelancing places, and either they require a monthly fee, or they don’t have any jobs that pay, or both. I can’t imagine paying a monthly fee for the opportunity to lose a lot of bids. Well, here I have lost a lot of bids, but I have actually won some and made money. After I get a few more rankings, I will be able to land enough work to support myself. and that’s only possible because of you. I love the way I don’t have to pay you any money unless I’m making money. That means it’s no risk to me. I also really appreciate the way you make payments happen, and the arbitration system. When working with individuals and smaller businesses sometimes it’s hard to get paid, so I like the assurance that the money is there waiting for me. I haven’t had to use arbitration, but I read the big legal description of it, and I think you are doing that just right. It is obvious that your top motive in arbitration is to be fair and protect the innocent, and I think that’s great. Every time I come across a new feature (like how you don’t let someone see their own rating until they have been rated) I think how useful and well done it is. Keep up the good work!

Layah Camarillo – California, United States

Vworker – Website That Helps Businessmen

Posted by - Admin / May 7th, 2010

Traditional office spaces are quickly becoming outmoded because of the rise of freelancing. Individual workers, with no affiliations, are able to work on a per project basis with companies. The physical office space needs, like water coolers, cubicles, and conference rooms, have become obsolete. The physical office space has been replaced by a digital counterpart. Just a couple of years ago it was extremely rare to work entirely online and not have to go into the office. Now, however, there are many thousands of people who work from home. Businessmen have found that this is a more economical way to conduct business—it saves them from having to purchase many of the items which contribute to overhead costs as well as lowering labor costs through competition which is international in scope.

Vworker is a website that helps businessmen to contract the services of freelancers. It basically serves as an international marketplace for freelancers to exchange their services and compete against each other for projects. The massive community of worldwide freelancers patronizes Vworker because it is the most respectable of the many freelancing markets.

The freelancing phenomenon is not isolated to one industry, either, though it is certainly more prevalent in some than in others. Programming, graphic design, editing, writing, and publishing are all industries which benefit disproportionately from the rise of freelancing.

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